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Streets, Bars and Rock n Roll

The Brief

During my degree, I was required to work within a team to develop a website using multimedia elements to tell a story about what it was like being apart of a community. We chose Melbourne’s eclectic music scene. In this group of 3, my primary responsibility was to develop the website.

The Approach

Rather than use WIX or another drag and drop web service, and as the music scene has a DIY approach the decision to build the website from scratch with a grungy, alternative aesthetic was unanimous. While drawing on coding skills taught back in 1997, I made sure it was kept within web compliant guidelines by following the w3school code.

The Result

As members worked on their elements of the project, I published various interviews onto our website. Our interviews were conducted using a variety of multimedia such as video, audio and text which I then I embedded in webpages.

We achieved a High Distinction, both as a whole and for our individual efforts.