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Avatars and Online Identities, Oh my!

The Brief

For another University assignment, I was required to produce a digital media production housing independent research and in an entrepreneurial manner, producing innovative and enticing digital media content.

This digital media production needed to be a hyperlinked microsite that linked back and forth between certain pages in interesting ways that were to a fixed, single screen that required no scrolling on any computer screen. As well as designing each individual layout and putting it together, a 2500 word academic piece of writing (of any topic of our choice we had studied that semester) was to be included and relate to every page in no particular order.

The Approach

The academic piece I chose was Goffman’s “Performance of the Self” and how personal Avatars and Online identities are under scrutiny in Social Media..

Images for the website include celebrities featured in an Annie Lebowitz photoshoot, scenes from Scott Pilgrim (the Scott Pilgrim featured an online generator where you could create your own character) and various video games.

The Result

Each layout was designed in Adobe Photoshop, spliced into HTML5, CSS and JavaScript and edited in Macromedia Dreamweaver.