During the unit Digital video and Audio, I gained considerable experience producing video and audio files. The first video, Something Strange, was a short piece where my team and I gained an understanding of how to storyboard a video, communicate effectively and obviously, learn how to use the equipment. It was a bit shaky at the beginning of the video, but hopefully, you can understand what we were trying to achieve.


For the major project, working in our small teams, we were to develop the skills gained in our first project into another video production. For this project, I made the executive decision to turn our video into a mini music video focussing on Melbourne’s tourist hotspots, primarily in surrounding Flinders Street, (as we had specific time constrains). I was responsible for storyboarding as well as organising the equipment and shooting the footage seen during the graffiti street scenes. I titled the project “#melbs” which I thought was suitable. I also came up with the idea of ensuring the first and last shots were of Flinders Street, showing consistency throughout the video.


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