For the project Streets, Bars and Rock n Roll, I implemented a mini social media campaign. It was originally implemented on Facebook, however it was no a success and generated more spammers than anything else. However, it was successful on Instagram which makes sense, considering the projects aim was to discuss Melbourne’s eclectic music scene.

On Instagram, many users often post and search for local buskers and it is a goo way to find out about other live music going on. Our photographs and videos taken of buskers on the busy streets of Melbourne’s cbd gathered a few likes and comments.




~ ~ ~

The week surrounding Valentine’s Day I volunteered with the Melbourne’ branch of The Heart Foundation’s Love Locks event. This event was a fun event to be apart of and was for a very good cause. As well as assisting the Communications and Engagement Department with the preparation of the merchandise bags for customers, I created the Melbourne Love Locks Instagram page. This gave visitors and locals in Melbourne the opportunity to see the sweet love dedications others had made. The L O V E installations proved to be quite popular with lots of passer-byers taking selfies and caturing moments. I wrote up a full story about my experience with the team here.



~ ~ ~

As my interest for social media is continually developing so is social media itself. This semester I signed up for the unit Digital Communities, which investigates the components that make a social media network. Is it a community? What is a community in the digital environment?

To keep track of my understanding, on a weekly basis, I am required to publish blog posts revolving around the weekly readings. As well as the weekly readings, I’ll be reblogging and sharing content found on Tumblr and the web that relates to the weekly topics and social media trends.

My tumblr blog can be found here.



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