For my major Remix project, I decided to combine a film and it’s adapted version. I chose an old favourite being Jane Austin’s ‘Emma’ and the adapted version ‘Clueless’ hence the title of the project being ‘Emma is Clueless’.

Originally, I decided to design a series of A4 movie posters for my project. However, once I got started I wanted to focus more on the actual scenes than a movie style poster, so I opted to design a series of ‘memes’. In these memes, I captured screen captures using a VLC player for each specific shot. This proved the most tedious part of the project as it required a lot of playing > pausing > capture >  playing > pausing > capture etc. I also had to do this process when ensuring the quotes selected were correct.

I also found the quality of screen captures for Emma was not of the highest standard, so, I went into Adobe Photoshop and edited them as best I could, which is why each Emma shots are of a different colour scheme as some shots were brighter/darker than others. I did keep the consistency of the font.

Other than the image quality, it was also tough trying to select which scenes to focus on as there are so many great ones in both films. So, I ended up deciding to use the ones which appeared in both films so I could compare and contrast the scenes adapted form.



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