Over the past few months I have been in a temporary contract (through Hays) at BlueCross. I design items using the Adobe Creative Suite, primarily, InDesign. Below are some of the items I have produced. They include, fliers, merchandise, invitations, menus and others. All designed using the BC Design Style Guide.











Playing Card 02

Playing Card 05Playing Card 04

Playing Card 03Playing Card 01



‘Our Residences’ is a poster that required serious updating. I was to make sure the curves were all even and straight) (or straightly curved?) and the photographs were bright and clear. The photographs required a lot of Photoshopping (sshh) and cropping to ensure there was a clear view of the entrance of each facility.



For this design, I was requested to design a few recruitment posters for the new Livingstone Gardens facility. This design above was the final piece chosen, however the images below are the other options I produced.

LG_Recruitment_Poster_02 LG_Recruitment_Poster_03


This was an 8 page double sided, Client Survey 2015 for residents and their families to fill out. I was responsible for the entire design and ensuring the right images printed on the correct pages.

Client Survey 2015


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