Lay it out in lavender

Before I discovered how nifty computers can be, I’ve always been a creative person. I’ve gone through many phases such as colouring, drawing (er, doodling), origami, collages, making birthday cards and invitations for people etc. Being creative has always been an outlet for me to unwind and keep my brain active but in an unstressful way.

One day I was hunting for colouring in books as a gift for a friends daughter’s birthday and wanted something other than princess themed and barbie. After having no luck, I changed my approach and searched in the art section of bookshops and discovered there are colouring in books specifically designed for adults (I clearly got a bit sidetracked on my original search!).

I discovered a few books which I feel are worth sharing. Specifically, the adult colouring books by Johanna Basford. She has produced a number of colouring books, titled Enchanted Forest and The Secret Garden. Beautiful, beautiful illustrations!


Before settling on if I should invest in them or not (they were quite pricey!), I did a bit of research on what the illustrations were like to colour in and what tools I would need that would suit the designs the best. After doing the research (ie. reading the many comments and tips on Johanna’s Facebook page and Amazon, I realised the best way to ensure the colour doesn’t leak onto the next page and ruin the illustration on the other side of the page, was to place a piece of Reflex paper behind the page I was working on. Works like a treat! secretgarden01

Upon first glance, I was concerned the details would be too difficult to colour in (they are extremely intricate), however, once tried and tested, it was just as enjoyable as when I was young. It’s a nice, calming way to wind down your day. I could still colour in using fairytale and enchanted elements, but without the Disney princesses and Barbies. The only problem really was running out of colours!


If you are interested in finding more about Johanna, there’s a wonderful article by The Daily Mail (which I usually avoid) which explores her series and features some of her best illustrations. Her next book in the trilogy is titled Under the Sea and I’m very excited!



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