Love Locks

This past week has seen the Love Locks event come to life in Melbourne.  I have been lucky enough to be apart of the Fundraising team at The Heart Foundation to create this wonderful event.

Last week I joined a crew of volunteers aka the “Cupids” and we spent much of it preparing the Love Lock bags (which cost $10 and the funds raised goes towards research and care programs) which have the hearts, locks and other gifts enclosed. The idea is based upon the popular Love Lock bridge in Paris (and scattered across Melbourne). It encourages friends, family and lovers to purchase a lock, declare their love for someone, attach it to the bridge (or in this case, mammoth hearts), kiss the lock and throw it in the river, or keep it somewhere safe.

It’s such a cute idea, and perfect timing since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Normally, I’m the biggest cynic ever about VD, but when I discovered the event, it was so hard to say no to and it’s been so much fun to be apart of!

The event has been based at City Square, Queensbridge Square and Federation Square. The pop up stand includes a mammoth installation called L O V E as well as mammoth red hearts for people to lock their love onto. This installation at City Square became a big hit with photographers and couples.


This installation has been a massive hit so far with people declaring their love for the family, friends and even cats!


An extroverted at heart, it’s been great getting amongst it and chatting to people passing by. Some have simply wanted photographs taken or just wanted to chat. The majority though have been getting really creative with their declarations and quite a few have some great stories to share about their experiences with The Heart Foundation, or if they are celebrating their anniversaries that week. It’s really inspiring and so nice to hear during a time where the country, and the world, is doing it pretty tough.

photo (30)

photo (31) photo (33) photo (34) photo (32) photo (35)

Love Locks were located at:

City Square (10-11 Feb), Queensbridge Southbank (12-14 Feb) or Federation Square (15-17 Feb)


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