Extroverted Introvert

As apart of my NetworkLiteracy class, I had to create an album that represented a version of me. I had to create linar notes (which I found terribly difficult), a front cover and a back cover. I chose to create an album full of pop songs (terribly boppy pop songs, but then I was pretending to be a pop singer sooo…..) and it was a lot of fun to make.

As it’s really image heavy, I’m only going to post the front album cover I did. I chose to recreate the hologram image that came inside Kylie Minogue’s “Impossible Princess” album in digital form. I loved the was the bright coloured blurred and collided into each other; it made me feel like they were representing the many emotions as they blur and collide into one another.

I called the album “Extroverted Introvert” and love the way it turned out. To get these effects, I mostly used the Brush Tool and the Gaussian Effect filter.



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